4 quick recipes: Vitamin-infused waters

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We all know that drinking more water is key for health and weight-loss (our bodies can sometimes mistake thirst for hunger so if we are dehydrated we tend to eat more, even when we’re not truly hungry) – but two litres of eau de tap can get a bit dull can’t it?

While you’ll never find us advocating sugary fruit juices or fizzy drinks to make up your two litres a day, here at Vavista we are huge fans of fruit-infused water.

If you carry a water bottle you can add a handful of your favourite fruits to the bottom for when you’re out and about, or why not make up a big jug at mealtimes to share as a family?

Our favourite combos are:

Raspberry and lime

Add a handful of raspberries (as ripe as possible) to your bottle/jug and give a bit of a squash with a spoon or rolling pin, you don’t want to puree them, just start to release some flavour. Then quarter a lime, squeeze the juice from each quarter into your bottle/jug and drop in the quarters. Top up with water and give a good stir.

Strawberries and basil

Hull and half a handful of strawberries (the exact quantity will depend on the volume of water you want to make). Again, give them a little mush with a spoon/rolling pin to release their juices. Scrunch up 6-8 basil leaves in your hand (note: don’t slice as that leaves all the flavour oils on the knife), and pop those in with the strawberries. Top up with water and leave to infuse.

Blackberry and sage

Do the same as with the strawberries and basil (muddle the fruit and crush the herbs). Defrosted frozen berries with no sugar is an all year round option.

Cucumber and mint

Using a potato peeler, shave off 6-8 strips of cucumber lengthways (discarding the skin) and add a handful of mint, ripping up the leaves roughly before adding to release their oils.


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