5 Tips for a Dry January

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Dry January

The latest guidelines say that there is no safe limit for drinking alcohol. That came as a bit of a disappointment for those of us justifying our nightly glass of red on health grounds!

I suspect many will have conveniently ignored those guidelines over the festive period though, sometimes to excess, and are now thinking it’s time to make amends by going teetotal for January.

But what are the best methods? As we know willpower alone is rarely sufficient!

Here are a few tips that may help:

5 Tips for a Dry January

1. Give your diet an overhaul at the same time. Filling up with fresh fruit and veg, wholegrains, oily fish, nuts and more will boost nutrients and may help reduce any addictive tendencies, making it easier to keep off the booze.

2. Identify your triggers to drinking and work on them. Is it stress that has you opening a bottle of wine after work? Try to tackle what is making you stressed or find a way of relieving it before the wine bottle comes out..such as a brisk, head-clearing walk home instead of sitting in the rush hour traffic.

3. Break the habits associated with drinking. Do you have a regular Friday night trip to the pub with friends or colleagues? You may not be able to resist the pint when you are there – so do something else on a Friday night instead and avoid the temptation altogether.

4.Experiment with alcohol free drinks. Making your own fruit and veg juices will also boost vitamins; infused water or fresh herbal or fruit teas will keep you well hydrated, increasing your concentration and energy.

5. Remember the calorie savings you are making by ditching alcohol, which will help with any New Year weight loss regime. What’s more, a night of drinking alcohol usually leads to more fatty or sugary calories consumed the next day in an effort to boost flagging energy levels. By ditching alcohol you will be saving calories on two fronts!

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