Can modifying my car impact on my insurance premiums?

Can modifying my car impact on my insurance premiums?

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So maybe you can’t afford a new car, but you’re tempted with improving yours. Maybe with some new alloys, a spoiler, or even adding a blue tooth stereo or tuning the engine. Even some subtle modifications can be a great way to personalise your car or improve how it runs, but do you always need to tell your insurer?

Read on for some guidelines from Vavista…..

Did you know…

Any change to a vehicle from the manufacturers original specification is deemed a modification: it could be something as simple as putting a ‘go faster stripe’ down the side. Some modifications will affect your premium and some won’t, but our advice is that you should always inform your insurer.

Are there different kinds of modifications?

Your premium is based on risk, and insurers will look at various factors when calculating your premium. Modifying your car can alter this risk in one of two ways;

  • Risk of accident – this could be engine changes, spoilers, or body kits, etc.
  • Risk of theft – a new stereo, phone kit, or even alloy wheels, etc.

So how will modifying my car affect my premium?

MoneySuperMarket analysed 2.3 million vehicles with modifications and came up with a very rough guide on how changes will affect the cost of your insurance*. The below can give you an approximation of how your premium will change if you change something on your car, but the bottom line is always tell your insurer of any changes you may or have made.

*this is a rough guide and you should always refer any modification to your insurer!

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