Cutting your car’s carbon emissions

Cutting your car’s carbon emissions

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With climate change firmly on the agenda, how can we do our bit? Our cars are a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions, and ideally, we would all be driving electric cars. But, for many, they are still cost-prohibitive and doing without a car completely may be impractical. So, what can we do today to reduce carbon emissions as well as save ourselves some money by increasing fuel efficiency? Here are some top tips on how to improve your fuel efficiency and help the planet:

  1. Be gentle! Accelerating quickly, braking hard and speeding can reduce your fuel-efficiency by up to a third. Not only does this increase the amount of fuel your car burns, which is bad news for the environment, but it increases your costs at the petrol station.
  2. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated. Not having your tyres at the correct pressure may reduce your fuel mileage by up to 3%.

  1. Lose the roof box! If your car has a roof box you may be losing up to 25% of your fuel efficiency due to the increased wind resistance. If you really need the extra space, look at a rear-mounted storage box instead.
  2. Try to combine trips. Reduce the number of times you use your car wherever possible – whether by sharing lifts or getting all your errands done at once.
  3. Lower the weight. Are you carrying a whole heap of stuff including the kitchen sink in your car boot? The more weight on board, the more fuel your car will use. So have a clear out. But remember to keep the bags for life in there to avoid the need for single-use plastic bags on your next supermarket shop.

  1. Don’t use the car at all! There are some great alternatives to driving, especially over short distances. Go really green by walking or cycling (try an e-bike if a regular bike is too much to contemplate). It will boost your health as well as help save the planet. But, for longer distances, check out local transport options – the bus or train may reduce emissions by 75%.

At Vavista, we know all too well how important cars are in our day to day lives. But by driving less, and in a more fuel-efficient manner when we do, we can save ourselves money, whilst helping to save our planet!

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