Don’t get caught out by new driving laws!

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It seems that every year there are new driving laws and it can sometimes be hard to keep abreast of changes.   Some updates are widely publicised, while others slip under the radar. Already in 2019 we’ve seen laws being introduced, ranging from changes to car tax rates to updates to the MOT test.

Here at Vavista we’ve got the main ones covered for you….

Did you know?

It’s now a £1,000 fine if you fail to tax your vehicle – and with the abolition of car tax discs which used to be a good reminder, more and more drivers are getting caught out.

What is changing?

MOT tests & manufacturer recalls : Manufacturers often recall cars to fix things that could go wrong, and if you ignore these recalls this could mean an instant fail under new MOT rules being proposed. This could affect over 2 million cars currently on the roads which have recalls against them. You can easily check if your car is due a recall by putting your car details into the DVLA website, and while there is no firm date for this rule, it is scheduled to be implemented in 2019.

Smart motorways : You’ve probably seen more and more ‘smart motorways’. These are stretches of motorway featuring digital signage and an extra lane which you can sometimes drive in. The variable speed limits they display are pretty obvious, but sometimes they also display a Red X.  This is normally displayed when the lane is being restricted for emergency vehicle access, or if a vehicle has broken down/had a collision and the lane needs to be closed for their safety. From 2019 an automatic fine of £100 will be given for ignoring the lane closure signified by the red X.

Car tax : You won’t be surprised to learn that car tax is rising yet again, for the third year in a row! Here’s how much extra you’ll be paying per band:

  • 76g/km and 150g/km CO2 – +£5
  • 151-170 g/km CO2 – +£15
  • 171-190g/km CO2 – +£25
  • 191-225g/km CO2 – +£40
  • 226-255g/km CO2 – +£55
  • 255g/km CO2 – +£65

Cyclists :  Cyclists seem to be on the increase. Great for health and environment (though occasionally frustrating for drivers!). But they are vulnerable on the roads and the  Highway Code is going to change to give them more protection from passing vehicles. The new rules apply to everyone and mean you must be at least 1.5 metres (4ft 11 inches) between the driver and the cyclist when overtaking. Fail to do this and you will be fined £100.

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