Ohso – Chocolate that ticks all the boxes!

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So many of us think that chocolate is the devil’s own food – a terrible temptation that should be avoided by anyone trying to lose weight. That may be true for the sugar-laden bars that contain virtually no cocoa and come in super-size portions. Those bars that are pushed at you when you are trying to buy petrol at the service station or are calling to you as you stand in the supermarket check-out queue. But I have recently stumbled upon some chocolate that is completely different….

A stressful few days had sent me hunting for some chocolate. Searching out high-fat, high sugar foods is a natural response to stress …so as you can imagine I didn’t fight it too hard! But I was intrigued to find a bar of chocolate called OhSo.

Happily, we are seeing the growth of healthier and delicious chocolate bars that provide the many wellbeing benefits of cocoa that I have flagged up before. But OhSo epitomises our Vavista principles in so many other ways too:

Eat what’s good for you

High quality dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content, is actually surprisingly good for you – providing you don’t go overboard. This 70% cocoa chocolate is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients, without the unhealthy added sugars and saturated fats found in milk chocolate. And it tastes good too!

No denial

There’s nothing like banning yourself from certain foods to trigger an all-out binge. But allowing yourself a little of what you fancy does you good and puts you back in control of your eating.

Portion control

It’s oh so easy to over-indulge on the foods that we love. But these individually wrapped mini-bars are a great way to satisfy our chocolate cravings without the temptation to wolf the lot that is presented by one bigger bar. And, whilst calorie-counting is over-rated (counting nutrients is far better) it is still important to keep a gentle eye on your energy balance. At only 64 calories a bar, you can’t go wrong.

Make it a habit

Good habits take time to form. This handy 7-bar box contains a small bar of chocolate for each day of the week, so you can learn to treat yourself without the guilt that leads to overeating.

Ditch the sugar

When it comes to our health, the evidence against sugar is too great to ignore. At Vavista we believe in avoiding sugar most of the time – and these bars let us enjoy the taste of nutrient-packed dark chocolate without the empty calories and health risks that come with sugar. Even OhSo’s added-sugar bars have only 6g per bar – that’s just 1 ½ teaspoons worth of the 6-12 teaspoons a day limit suggested by the World Health Organisation.

Take care with sweeteners

Knowing they should be trying to cut sugar in products, many manufacturers simply use sugar in other guises – but honey, fruit sugar and more are just sugar too. Or they use artificial sweeteners that may have problems of their own. Not so with Ohso. Their sugar-free bars use inulin and oligofructose– gut-friendly fibres that happen to be sweet. They have no major health effects – unless eaten in excess when they can cause wind and diarrhoea. Perhaps a good thing – it’s an incentive not to over-do the chocolate! Plus, some stevia is included too – another sweetener that seems pretty innocuous.

Love your gut

We now know we should be looking after our gut bacteria if we want to stay healthy and control our weight. Many artificial sweeteners have been found to be toxic to these useful allies – another reason to avoid them. But the inulin and oligofructose found in OhSo sugar-free bars are ‘prebiotics’, meaning they support our gut bacteria – they are like fertiliser to help our healthy bugs grow.

The 3.5g of fibre per bar they provide contribute to the 30g of fibre a day that is recommended to keep our gut in tip-top condition.

What’s more, Ohso bars contain ‘probiotics’ too – cultures of healthy gut bacteria themselves. Chocolate that makes us happy and our gut bacteria happy too! Win-win!

With Ohso, it seems you can succumb to chocolate temptation in the knowledge that it’s likely to be doing you some good. And with portion control made as easy as possible for you. Now, with their delicious sugar-free bars in both plain and raspberry flavour, your only problem is to make sure that everyone else doesn’t steal them!



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