Save energy, save money and save the planet too! Kitchen tips…

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The news that fuel prices are rising rapidly has caused a lot of worry for families around the country. For those on a tight budget it can cause serious hardship. So, it helps to spend some time working out how to cut back on energy costs wherever you can, to reduce the impact that rising fuel prices will have.

An added bonus, of course, is that using less fuel is good for the planet too.


Lower the thermostat

The kitchen is often the warmest room of the house. But don’t make the whole house an oven. Many of us are used to warm homes but simply lowering the temperature, a little at a time can slowly make us more tolerant of cooler conditions.  Energy experts at uSwitch advise that turning down your thermostat by just one degree could save you £80 each year on your heating bill!  Lower temperatures are also thought to improve sleep quality!

Don’t go too cold with the fridge

Whilst you may be reducing the temperature in the house, you may want to increase the temperature in the fridge temperature slightly. If you can adjust the temperature, make sure it isn’t more freezer than fridge! Keeping the temperature control around 4 degrees should keep food safe.

Don’t forget the freezer

The more ice your freezer has in it, the more energy it uses, therefore it’s good to get into the habit of periodically defrosting it.  It is also a good way to make sure you use the food in time, rather than throwing it out when you find it half unwrapped at the back, many months later. Less energy waste, less food waste too.

Choose your cooking method carefully

If you are switching on the oven make sure you use it to the max. Consider bulk cooking and freezing portions for another day…saves you time as well as fuel. Otherwise, using other quicker methods like microwaves or air fryers can save energy. And don’t forget fresh salads as summer approaches. Raw food takes more energy to digest…and if you have weight to lose, this is one sort of energy you want to be burning through!

Fill the dishwasher

If you have one, use your dishwasher capacity to the max too. Make sure it’s full before you switch it on rather than waste the energy on a few cups and plates.

Maybe, if we can all learn some new ways to reduce our energy use, there is a silver lining to the rise in costs we are experiencing.

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