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This month, we have a very special offer from Dr Sally Norton! As well as helping to support the general health and wellbeing of our Vavista customers, Dr Sally Norton is passionate about helping people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Some lucky people can do this without help, but for many of us, it seems to be a constant battle! So, if you want the help of a genuine weight loss expert, she has kindly offered interested customers FREE access to her 12 week online Weight Loss for Life programme.

If you’re a Vavista customer and would like to find out how to gain free access to Dr Sally’s Weight Loss for Life programme, email support@vavista.com and if you’re not a customer, but would like to know more, click here.

We asked Dr Sally, what inspired you to set up your Weight Loss for Life programme?

I want to help people lose weight without that constant, exhausting battle! As an NHS consultant, I’ve talked to and treated thousands of patients who were struggling with their weight – some were in such a mess with it to the point of risking their health or life, that I had to perform weight loss surgery on them. And I got really upset and frustrated for them that they had been on countless diets which clearly hadn’t worked. But it’s the same for lots of us, obviously to a lesser scale – two thirds of us are struggling to lose weight,  failing on diets, and confused by conflicting information every time we open a magazine or watch TV. The only winners here seem to be the diet companies! And that makes me really angry. And of course, the way we live our lives, the stress we are under, our poor sleep patterns, hormones and much more are also having an effect on our general health too.

People don’t understand that losing weight, and crucially, keeping it off, doesn’t happen with fad dieting alone. Fad diets rely on willpower which fails when we are tired, stressed and hungry. Instead we need to tap into the body’s natural weight control mechanisms which will do the work for us, if only we hadn’t ruined it by the way we eat and live. So, in my 12 week Weight Loss for Life programme, I help people get the body’s own mechanisms back in balance so that it starts to control the weight for them! How much better is that?! Videos, recipes, tips, quizzes and more, every week for 12 weeks, gives you the information and science behind weight loss that lasts.

We get the impression that people are paying a lot more attention to their health and wellbeing – why do you think that is?

I think the recent pandemic has made people take stock. Maybe they have had more time to think about their exercise and eating regime and maybe they have noticed that the risk from the virus is greater if you are unfit and overweight. Plus, there is so much more information about healthy lifestyles out there. The problem is, that can leave people overwhelmed and confused which is why I set up a programme to guide people through the science and give them practical tips and steps to make long-term weight control part of a healthy lifestyle.

What do you do to keep fit and healthy?

Like so many, I am busy with work and family so it can be hard sometimes! It’s important to use every opportunity – always using the stairs rather than the lift at work is a good start. But I try to get outdoors for a slow jog or fast walk wherever I can – the natural light helps the body clock, which helps sleep too. Good sleep is a big priority for easier weight loss. And I try to avoid processed food wherever possible, cooking from scratch most of the time. I’ve learnt, from necessity after a long day’s work, that it is possible to get a home-cooked dinner on the table in less time than it takes to microwave a ready meal!

Here at Vavista, not only do we offer wellbeing guidance, we are also a life and car insurance brand, so we have to ask… What car do you drive?

I currently drive a very old Audi that is on its last legs – it’s just back from the garage again! Which is a great excuse to finally get an electric car as a replacement.

Being environmentally friendly and sustainable is something that we are passionate about. How is your business doing its bit for the environment?

One of the goals in my 12 week, Weight Loss for Life programme is to focus more on quality, locally sourced  food – thinking more carefully about the food we eat, how it is produced and where it comes from is important for our health and weight control, but also for the environment.

Here at Vavista, we have introduced our ‘plant a tree for every policy sold’ initiative and we are starting to cover the carbon footprint of our staff.  Even more exciting announcements about sustainability are soon to come, so watch this space! 

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