What’s your roadmap out of lockdown?

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It’s such good news to have a bit of a plan ahead for escaping lockdown!  Some of us haven’t been fully locked down, of course, if we have had to travel to work. But for those working at home, or trying to home-school (or both!!), this second lockdown, in winter, has been really hard. We’re desperate for a change of scenery and some social contact, and the hope that we might soon be escaping is definitely a mood-booster!

But, more than a few of us are also having a bit of a panic at the thought of having to face the outside world, ditch the home-working comfort clothes, try to disguise the ‘haven’t seen a hairdresser in months’ issue…..and maybe address the fact that the corona-stone still hasn’t been tackled.

Do you have a roadmap for re-entering post pandemic life?!

The DIY hairclippers or packs of hair-dye have done the best they can but it’s not ideal! The lack of ironing has been welcome, but those comfy clothes have allowed the weight to creep on without us noticing, and the increased activity that a lot of people enjoyed during lockdown number 1 hasn’t continued through the cold, wet winter.  Now’s the time to plan our route back into society!

But, if you’ve got weight to lose, please don’t choose the panic, fad-diet route – that road leads nowhere. Or blindly following directions from well-meaning others who don’t really know the way either! And don’t end up on a roundabout, endlessly repeating the same old thing that doesn’t move you forward.

Instead, it’s really important to understand that your body is a highly complex set of systems and all need to be in balance for it to work as it should. Simply slashing calories won’t work, unless you address poor sleep, stress, low mood, hormonal issues and too much junk food or sugary drinks…because your body and brain need good nutrients to work well for you. Willpower just doesn’t do it! (As you know, I’m sure!).


The same goes when it comes to fitness. You don’t need a crazy gym routine that you struggle to keep up. In fact, getting outdoors and just walking, especially in the morning if you can, has lots of added benefits. The natural light helps set your body clock, improving sleep, and helping weight loss too, in some studies. The fresh air and open space can clear your mind and improve focus and motivation. Brisk walking, to the point where you are working your heart and lungs but can still manage to talk, will likely put you in the best heart rate zone for burning body fat, as well as improve your health. Push up your distance or push down the time taken to do the same distance (or both) each week, and you will be fitter and trimmer by the time lockdown is over.








Take it in stages, slow and considered. Re-evaluate regularly, see what’s working for you, and what’s not, and act accordingly.

Spend as much time as possible outdoors, in the fresh air!  And base your roadmap on science, not the media!



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