FAQs – Life Insurance

You should be able to find some useful information below. If not, go to our Contact Life Insurance section for details on how to get in touch so we can help you with your query.

Is Vavista a new insurance company?

Vavista is a new approach to Life Insurance which not only protects your family in the event of your death but helps you lead a long and healthy life through the health resources we offer.

How can I feel confident when insuring with a new insurance brand?

We’re specialists in insurance.  Vavista is the new arm of a well-established insurance provider with over 400,000 policies issued: we know a thing or two about insurance.  So, rest assured, whilst the brand is new, the team isn’t! Our guarantee; a solid, reliable and well-priced policy. 

What is the add-on health offering?

We’ve teamed up with Dr Sally Norton, a leading health expert, to offer our policy holders access to a health hub which houses hundreds of articles on all areas of wellbeing.   Our customers also have free access to exclusive modules which offer clear guidance on particular areas of health.

Are the health modules completely free?

Yes – all areas, including restricted areas, are available free to our policy holders.

Is the Health Hub only available to policy holders?

The health and wellbeing articles are visible to the general public but the structured modules on specific areas of health such as weight, stress, smoking are restricted to policy holders.

Can we buy a Vavista Health Programme?

If you’re not a Vavista insurance policy holder you cannot purchase the health modules.

What happens to our membership if we’re no longer a policy holder?

If you decide to leave us your membership will expire.