Introducing Vavista

Here at Vavista, we care about your wellbeing by offering a range of insurance products that all include exclusive healthcare benefits.

The Story Behind Our Brand

We’re specialists in insurance. Our x350 strong team from management to claims staff are all insurance experts with many years of industry knowledge. So rest assured, whilst the brand is new, the team isn’t! We aim to provide a solid, reliable and well-priced policy.

But our robust insurance credentials are just the beginning of the Vavista story.

We are committed to extending our healthy brand credentials to encompass the health of our policy holders.

We’ve teamed up with wellbeing expert, Dr Sally Norton, to offer you a wealth of practical, sustainable ways to improve all aspects of your physical and mental health every day. Accessible through a website and programmes offered exclusively to our policy holders, the site offers a rich source of content suitable for all areas of wellbeing from stress to weight; from smoking to sleep.

The health of your body and mind. The health of your family and friends. The health of your finances. It all stems from good choices. There will always be the big life-changing decisions but almost all choices are small, daily considerations which, while seemingly minor, form the bedrock of your wellbeing and shape your future.

Dr Sally Norton

I’m working in partnership with Vavista Car & Life Insurance to support the wellbeing of its policy holders through a health hub which offers sensible comment, articles and programmes outlining sustainable ways to improve your health.

After 15 years as an NHS consultant and weight-loss surgeon, I have witnessed first-hand how people’s behaviour and subconscious habits can have disastrous effects on their health, weight and wellbeing.

We are lured into thinking there is a quick fix for weight loss or fitness by clever marketing and overblown promises. Deep down we know that quick fixes don’t work… but we can’t see an alternative that does.

I have spent years researching what does actually work for long term health & fitness. The articles and modules guide you through the small, science-backed changes that you can adopt to tackle your own, personal, health issues. I will cut through the confusion, expose the fads and highlight what you can do to improve your health long-term.

Dr Sally Norton, Health, Weight Loss & Wellbeing Expert.

Dr Sally Norton

  • First female UK weight loss surgeon
  • Over 25 years of medical experience
  • TV and media expert
  • Regular contributor, Daily Mail, Huffington Post and more

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