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What is life insurance?

A life insurance policy is in place to protect your loved ones financially in the case of your death. A cash lump sum will be given to your loved ones, this cost can be used to help with costs such as debts, day to day bills or funeral expenses. It will help our loved ones maintain their living standards.

Many people take out a life insurance after big life moments such as; buying a house, getting married or having a baby.

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Why Vavista?

Your whole life is an investment; financial, emotional, personal. Life Insurance is there to protect your life structure and keep it sustainable in the event of you becoming unable to provide: it protects your family from added stress in the event of your death.

Vavista Life Insurance is a robust product which protects you and your family from unnecessary stress at a time of crisis but our protection goes further. Vavista offers a free Health Resource to all our policy holders which is designed to safeguard your health and nurture the wellbeing of you and your family.

We know that when looking for life insurance customers like to compare quotes. With Vavista we save you time searching for the best deal and offer a large range of competitively priced products.

Compare life insurance and find the right cover through Vavista. You can also find us on top life insurance comparison sites.

What we offer

Here at Vavista we offer two types of flexible life insurance products that help protect the things that mean the most to you. We’ve outlined details of both so you can compare and choose which type of insurance policy is the right one for you.

Term Assurance- This is life insurance that covers a person’s life for a set period of time. Once this period has finished and the person has not had to claim (i.e. They are alive) they will receive nothing from the insurance policy.

The other type of cover we offer is Whole of Life. This is a longer-term policy designed to pay out a cash lump sum in the event of death whenever this occurs.

Our Credentials are Healthy

  • Tailored life insurance products
  • UK based claims management
  • UK based call centre – 8 seconds average waiting time
  • Free Health Add On – worth over £199

Access to a rich source of health tips, recipes and articles plus exclusive access to tailored wellbeing modules on managing your individual health by Dr Sally Norton.

Your Life Insurance Questions Answered

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a type of policy that can help minimise the financial impact that your death could have on your family. Generally speaking, a life insurance policy will pay out a cash sum to family members, so they do not have to worry about household bills, mortgage payments or any other everyday money worries.

How does life insurance work?

For life insurance you will be required to pay for your policy on a set basis (monthly, bi-annually, annually). In return the insurer will pay a sum of money to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

How much is life insurance?

The cost of life insurance depends on the type of cover you choose and the term of the policy. When applying for life insurance you will be asked as series of questions about your health and lifestyle (questions may include if you’re a smoker/ non- smoker). All of these factors will determine the cost of your life insurance.

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance covers you in the event of your death. A life insurance policy will provide help to your loved ones after they can no longer rely on your salary. A lump sum will be paid so they can use this to pay debts and bills or for a funeral.

Why do I need life insurance?

If you have people who are dependent on you and who would struggle in the event of your death you will need life insurance. This will protect your loved ones from financial difficulty they may otherwise face.

What is decreasing life insurance?

A decreasing term life insurance means that the sum to be paid out in the event of your death gradually decreases over the span of your policy. This can happen monthly or annually depending on your policy.

Do I need life insurance for mortgage?

You do not need life insurance to be able to get a mortgage, however, the majority of people do take out life insurance when getting a mortgage to ensure their families or partners can continue to pay the mortgage payments in the event of your death.

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