VavistaLife 12 Week Modular Programme

The VavistaLife 12 Week Modular Programme

The VavistaLife 12 week plan offers on-line, step-by-step guidance to optimise all the areas of wellbeing including nutrition, sleep, fitness, smoking and weight loss.

Accessed through a portal which is personalised to your health needs, the programme is a completely sustainable life-style model designed to be easy to access and compatible with the demands of your everyday life.

Once you take out an Insurance policy, you will be emailed with details on accessing your personalised portal.

Louise Truckle

“I lost 8 stone without dieting through VavistaLife”

The VavistaLife 12 week plan addresses all areas of your life from stress to sleep to food. It’s modular so it’s easy to follow and stick to and fits with your everyday life so that it’s sustainable – unlike dieting which is always a short term fix.

Linda Atkinson

“The 12 week programme made a real difference to my fitness and energy”

It’s worked where nothing else ever has. I’m definitely more productive inside and outside work and because it’s based on small changes to all areas of life it’s become a part of my everyday routine – easy!

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The Vavista team of experts help you to eat better, live better and work better with the latest advice and guidance.

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