Healthy planet

At Vavista, we’re not just about insurance. We want to care for you and your planet too! That’s why we not only bring you helpful wellness information, healthy living hints and tips, and tasty nutritious recipes, but we also plant a tree for every policy we sell to help offset your carbon footprint.

We plant a tree for every customer

We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects who have already planted over 300 million native trees globally. With your support, we want to grow this number. That’s why we have made a pledge to plant a tree for every policy sold. These projects are also designed to empower local communities, who are employed to plant and protect the trees you’ve helped us fund. Vavista are very proud to contribute to a project that has made such a global difference.

Latest healthy planet news 

Will planting trees save the planet?

There’s so much in the news about the importance of saving the planet that it can seem completely overwhelming!

We know how busy everyday life is, and not everyone has the time to look into all the available options to help the environment, so we’ve decided to help. In this post, we’ll give you a quick explanation of one of the options you probably hear mentioned the most – tree planting.