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Make healthier living easier with these special offers that we feel will genuinely help your wellbeing. And look out for offers that help your car or your planet too!

Producer of the Month

Healthy Nibbles

This month we are introducing you to curated healthy snack box brand, Healthy Nibbles.  They make selecting healthier snack options easier.

The Healthy Nibbles story began when its Founder, Sara, was at her father’s hospital bedside. Hungry, at 3am, she found that the only food available was from a vending machine. A poster next to the machine warned her ominously that “diabetes and obesity kill.” But the machine offered only the usual selection of crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks; there were no healthy choices.

Frustrated by this juxtaposition, and alongside her personal wellness journey, Sara developed the concept of Healthy Nibbles. Today, she is leading the charge by bringing healthy out-of-home choices to UK offices, travel hubs and letterboxes.

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