Resolutions for your car

Resolutions for your car

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We’ve all been there – you get to December or January and you start thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people aim to lose weight, stop smoking, or get to the gym. But what about making a few commitments to your car which can give you smoother motoring and potentially lower running costs?

Did you know…

According to Green Flag, with the Christmas rush to get home or visit friends and relatives, almost a million drivers will experience some sort of breakdown during the festive period and New Year.

What should you do?

Ok, so how can I help my car be healthier? Here at Vavista we’ve come up with 5 simple steps;

1. Check your tyre pressures.

Whilst we should all be sure we have a healthy blood pressure, we should also check our tyre pressures – every month is recommended by the RAC.  Not only will this alert you to potential problems and avoid accidents, but having the correct tyre pressures will improve the MPG (miles per gallon) you get from your car

2. Change the oil

Like improving your diet, the oil is what keeps your engine running smoothly, potentially reducing any chance of breakdown, but also improving its efficiency. Changing the oil isn’t expensive, so aim for every 6 months or 5,000 miles for a proper car-health kick. Though it’s best to check your manufacturer guidelines or your vehicles manual.

3. Get your brakes checked

Along with tyres your brakes are arguably one of the most important parts of your car. With many places offering free brake or winter checks, it makes sense to give yourself piece of mind by getting these looked at as part of your car’s ‘detox’.

4. Check fluids

After the festivities, many people go dry and avoid alcohol in January. Obviously, you don’t need to get your car off the booze but you can check its fluids! So ensure wiper fluid, brake fluid, coolant and engine oil are all at the recommended levels. If any are low or leaking, then get this sorted as anyone of these could eventually lead to a breakdown. If you’re not sure, it’s best to check your vehicle manual. This will tell you how.

5. Clean up!

Winter feels like the worst time to keep your car clean, but this is often the most important time to do it. So like trying to look your best via a nutrition or fitness regime, keep your car clean. Road salt and bad weather, can do serious damage to your paintwork and impair your windscreen and mirror vision.


New Year’s resolutions for cars are easier to keep than the post-Christmas diet or hitting the gym, and the benefits can be huge too!

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