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The truth behind electric bikes

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For more information on the new craze in cycling, we spoke to Karl Haden, E-bike expert – theelectricbikeshop.co.uk

Here’s what he had to say on E-bikes…

Not really considered an electric bike or think they aren’t worth the money? Think again. Let me put you right on four of the common misconceptions that can put people off buying an e-bike!

They’re Not As Expensive As You Think

People often look at the upfront cost of an electric bike and no further. While E-bike prices tend to start at about £1,000, which is undoubtedly more than a regular bike, in the long run, they can be the most cost-effective option.

That’s because an E-bike is more convenient than a regular bike, so you’re likely to use it more often. E-bikes are ideal for commuting because you can use the pedal assistance to help you ride longer distances, or get over tricky hills meaning you won’t arrive at work all sweaty!

Cycling instead of driving means you’ll save money on petrol and parking, plus your car will last longer due to a decrease in wear and tear. When you consider that you will get several years’ worth of use out of your electric bike that upfront cost begins to look like a worthwhile investment. The Electric Bike Shop also offers 0% finance across our range of E-bikes so you can spread the cost, meaning there’s no need to break the bank.

The government cycle to work scheme allows you to save up to 42% off your electric bike. Making the possibility of cycling to work over driving far more feasible. Especially with electric bikes as you will be able to cycle that little bit further.

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You Can Go Further

There’s a huge misconception that you’ll have to charge your E-bike regularly, but thanks to advances in technology they now last longer between charges. Some modern E-bikes can last for up to 110 miles on a single charge; however, this is dependent on factors such as how often and at what level you use the pedal assist.

The type of motor or battery your bike has will also affect how often it needs charging and how long it will take to charge, so it’s worth considering this when you’re choosing what bike is best for your needs.

When you do need to charge your bike, all you need to do is plug it in and within a few hours, you’ll be good to go!

E- Bikes Aren’t As Heavy As You Think

Although E-bikes carry a little extra weight because of the motor and battery, it’s barely noticeable. At The Electric Bike Shop, all our bikes use lithium ion batteries which are incredibly light and efficient. You’ll find many of our E-bikes have a sleek design and the motors are super discreet, with very little noise.

E- Bikes Are Low Maintenance

All types of bikes need taking care of, even nonelectric bikes. Caring for an E-bike is similar to a regular bike, with a few small exceptions such as being conscious not to drench it in water when you wash it.

As with a non-electric bike you should expect average wear and tear. Although very rare that something would happen to the electrics; if it does, it can be sorted for you.

So, if you’re considering getting a new bike then rest assured there are plenty of good reasons to invest in an E-bike. Best of all, as a Vavista website visitor you will receive £100 of bike accessories from The Electric Bike Shop. View offer here. 

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