What to check when buying a used car

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You’ve decided your budget and found the car for you. Buying a used car will save you more money upfront, but can lead to expensive repair bills. Follow our quick checklist to make sure your new purchase is a worthwhile investment.

Vehicle History

There are many free vehicle history checks online, or you can pay for an extensive search. You’re looking for whether the car has ever been stolen, written off, or has any outstanding finance.

View the vehicle

Don’t buy without seeing. Check everything from the tyres to the air-con fans, and even the gadgets. Be sure to test that all doors and the boot lock correctly.

Ask questions

Ask the seller for the car’s MOT certificates and service history. Vehicle history checks are available if you’re unsure about the vehicle.

Test Drive

Try to test drive the car for around 30 minutes. Test the steering and brakes by driving at different speeds. Use your senses to identify any unusual sounds, sights or smells!


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