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Following on from our recent post on how to reduce your environmental impact when driving, here’s another handy list of small but valuable changes you can make to help our planet.

Try to eat less meat

We’re not suggesting you never eat a bacon sandwich again, or that you completely cut out the turkey at Christmas! However, meat (especially beef and lamb) is a huge contributor to global emissions. Maybe try joining in the trend of meat-free Mondays (which could save 71kg of CO2emissions per year), or only have meat with one meal a day. If you really can’t stop thinking about that delicious burger or sausages that you’re craving, try and buy locally sourced meat (and all other sorts of food) to cut down on those food miles! And think of meat as a tasty extra to a meal rather than the main attraction.

Cut your waste

If you’ve got leftover food, freeze it instead for a quick and easy-to-prepare meal, saving you time and money. How much trash could you actually recycle? It’s probably more than you think – check out your local recycling options as you’ll be amazed by how little actually needs to end up in landfill. Did you know that for each tonne of glass bottles we recycle, we save 315kg of CO2emissions compared to making new bottles? So let’s cut landfill to a minimum!

Avoid fast fashion

We know how tempting it is to buy that cheap t-shirt or jeans but stop and think first! Not only is it bad for the environment (the manufacturing and shipping process gives off loads of bad emissions) but it may not actually be cheaper in the long run. Those clothes won’t last long, and you’ll end up just having to replace them. It’s much better to invest in a higher quality item that will last you a long time. And make use of the increasing number of clothes recycling sites for cheap and cheerful fashion without damaging the planet.

Switch off the light and heating when you don’t need them

We’ve heard this one a lot, but a gentle reminder is always helpful! Try to get in the habit of doing this every time you leave a room. Turning down your heating by just 1oC may give you an 8% reduction in energy consumption, which saves you money too. So, get those winter woollies on instead!

Wrap your house up warm

It’s not just you who needs to wrap up warm in the winter. Have a good look at improving insulation and consider double-glazing your windows. Installing cavity wall insulation can reduce your heat loss through walls by 60%. Not only can this improve your carbon footprint because you have to use less heating, but it can also save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

We know how hard it is to change habits, but keep at it! Every little change you can make will add up to help the environment, and may help your pocket too!

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